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Key Living Options provides Community Engagement services in small groups of up to 3 people out in the community.  We provide support for experiences as wide-ranging as volunteering at local community organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House and Meals on Wheels, to going to weekly yoga sessions, to going to baseball games to watch our hometown team, the Salem Red Sox.  Community Engagement is a service geared towards helping people get out into their communities and build relationships and have fun! We also serve people concurrently one on one in Community Coaching services, if needed to assist with integration into small groups and into the larger community. 

For individuals with intellectual disabilities, community engagement is a critical component in the development of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. By promoting community living and participation, we provide opportunities for people to live the life they choose, with the independence, social connections, and overall well-being they deserve. Studies show that community integration has a profound impact on the development of individuals with intellectual disabilities. It helps to build social skills, boost self-esteem, and foster a sense of belonging that is essential to human well-being. Moreover, community engagement helps to reduce isolation and loneliness, which can be significant challenges for people with intellectual disabilities.

When individuals with intellectual disabilities are given opportunities to participate fully in their communities, they develop the confidence and skills necessary to live independent and fulfilling lives. Whether it is through group day services, workplace assistance, support through center-based activity locations, or in-home support, community engagement provides the tools for individuals to build new life skills and job skills. The benefits of community living are well-documented, and the importance of community participation is recognized by national policy and related litigation. People who live in individualized living situations are able to control their own home, make informed choices, and participate in meaningful community activities based on their personal interests. Moreover, community living allows people to form relationships with friends, family, and significant others, as well as worship where and with whom they choose if desired.

For parents, educators, and policymakers, community engagement should be viewed as a vital component in the development of individuals with intellectual disabilities. By investing in community integration, we are not only improving the quality of life for people with disabilities, but we are also building a stronger and more inclusive community. We need to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunities to reach their highest potential, become active community members, and lead the life they want to live.

Community integration provides individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop social skills, gain independence, and foster a sense of belonging in their communities. By investing in community engagement, we create a more inclusive society, where people with disabilities are able to live fulfilling and independent lives. We must continue to promote community living and participation as an essential part of human development, as it empowers individuals to reach their personal goals and highest potential.

Transportation is provided for both Community Engagement and Community Coaching services.  We can pick up anywhere in the local area (Salem, Roanoke, Vinton).

Please contact your Support Coordinator to see if you qualify for these services.

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