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Our Vision

The vision of Key Living Options, Inc. is to provide a residential experience for adults diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability or with an Intellectual Disability and a Mental Illness.  We will encourage individuals to grow, emphasizing personal goals and dreams, individualism, camaraderie, and above all, health and safety. We will actively support residents in attaining the highest quality of life through community involvement, relationships and healthy home lives.

Our Mission

Key Living Options, Inc. is committed to supporting adults with intellectual disabilities so they may live their lives to the fullest. We understand that this important work we do, can improve their lives if our engagement is mindful and thoughtful. We strive to employ individuals who can commit to changing people’s quality of life. We are locally owned, operated, and committed to providing a living wage and being active members in our community.

Key Living Options, Inc. believes in the dignity and importance of the lives of the people who we serve, as well as those we employ. We believe in the potential of all people to make our world and our community a better place. We believe in supporting local economies which empower and strengthen the relationship between our staff and residents and the community pillars which support them.

Where We are

Key Living Options
119 Sheraton Dr.
Salem, VA 24153


Who We are

Our leadership team cares about our residents and staff. We are happy to work together for a greater cause. The jobs we do are fulfilling and we know that we make a difference in the lives of our colleagues and for the individuals that we serve.

Cathy Key

CEO and Owner

Daniel Key

Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Cromer

Director of Administration

Sarah Shires

Chief Services Officer

Shanice Parker

Nicole Stein

Office Manager


Human Resources


Community Engagement and In Home Services

in Collaboration with

Unlock Your Possibilites

119 Sheraton Dr.
Salem, va 24153

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